You've Been Egged!

Last year the Family Ministry Team started what we hope to make a new tradition as part of the Easter season at New Hope, we "Egged" New Hope Kids Families. 

You might be wondering, "What is EGGED?".  A group of volunteers and staff visited the New Hope Kids families and spread a dozen plastic Easter eggs on their lawn or front porch.  Eleven of the eggs had candy in them and one of the eggs was empty.  We also left a note explaining what being EGGED meant, why the "empty" egg was important and encouraging the families to pass it on and Egg a friend or neighbor and invite them to church for Easter.  

We would love to continue the tradition this year but we need YOUR help.  We need volunteers to help egg families of New Hope, volunteers to help assemble the egging kits and we need good information for your family if you would like to be EGGED this year.  

WE WILL ONLY BE EGGING FAMILIES WHO SIGN UP TO BE EGGED.  You can sign up by clicking here and completing the form if you would like your family to be EGGED or if you can help as we anticipate Egging over 100 families in the community.  We will take Egging requests until April 5, 2019. 

If you have any questions please contact Shelly Wilson at  or (813) 689-4161.