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October 2, 2018

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Read Numbers 29


To read this text go to: https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Numbers+29&version=NLT


Scripture- Numbers 29:7- “Ten days later, on the tenth day of the same month, you must call another holy assembly. On that day, the Day of Atonement, the people must go without food and must do no ordinary work.”


Observations- Moses listened to God as He commanded a rhythm of rest, withdrawal from regular activity, celebration, and worship in the midst of all their hard work, which was vital to the community as well. God knew the people needed to be intentional about their need to connect with Him, so He gave the Sabbath as a once a week ritual to focus intensely on one’s relationship with God and how to connect with the community of faith. God urged setting aside many other special days as “retreats” from the normal, common routine. If they didn’t carve out time from their schedules to specifically honor their relationship with God, the people would be far more prone to drift into disobedience and bad habits.


Application- Claiming a daily time to intentionally meet with God is a far more than a great idea. It’s a necessity for a Christ follower. We need to carve out special times of retreat and refreshment along the way as well. In other words, a part of what God is saying to us in this text 3400 years later is, “We really don’t have the time not to ‘retreat’ on a regular basis.” It helps prevent “mission failure and drift” in our own lives. It helps us remember who we are and Whose we are each day. It helps us be in the habit of seeing glory sightings. Bad habits come easily. Good habits require us to be intentional. What do you need to be more intentional about as you seek to honor the God who loves you so much?


Prayer- Dear God, help me honor You by withdrawing from work and my regular routine to be more deeply connected to You and the people you love in worship and fellowship. I 

need daily, weekly, and all kinds of special occasions to remember Your provision and desire to be intimately engaged in my life. Help me know that I'm not "wasting time" to spend it with You! Amen.


"But Jesus often withdrew to the wilderness for prayer." (Luke 5:16),


Pastor Jamie

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