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July 4, 2018

July 4, 2018 

Read Exodus 8

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Scripture- Exodus 8:32- But Pharaoh again became stubborn and refused to let the people go.

Observations- With each successive plague it becomes clearer and clearer that these are acts of God. The advisers and magicians to Pharaoh can't deny the truth of what was happening right in front of them, yet the Pharaoh's heart remained as hard as stone. He arrogantly refused to acknowledge that something far beyond him was at work in these plagues being visited on his people.

Application- Sometimes God has a very difficult time getting our attention. A lot of people think their story of coming to faith in Christ is ordinary and boring. I've got to tell you ordinary and boring is beautiful beyond measure! I love hearing from people who didn't need the wake up call of a 2" by 4" against the side of their head to wake them up to the reality of God. Pharaoh, however, will require an even bigger wake up call. Don't be like Pharaoh.

Prayer- Lord, thank You for abundant, abiding love and grace flowing into my life. I am grateful. Help me not be hard-headed and stuck with a heart of stone. I want to be open to all of the ways You want to enter into my life and I don't want to need any wild wake up calls to get my attention ever again. I love you. Amen.

Happy Independence Day (in an earthly and in an eternal sense!)

Pastor Jamie

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