Second Sunday

Second Sunday Learning Lab – Practicing the Ways of Jesus

Looking to do something different to stretch your faith?  Are you ready for a new challenge that helps you grow to be more like Christ?  Join our Second Sunday Learning Lab!  We will meet once a month for four months and attempt four spiritual experiments.  

The lab is a place to learn to better follow Jesus through spiritual habits and monthly experiments.  Each month, participants have the option to try an experiment with the goal of learning to  follow Jesus into the places where we live, work, and play.  Each experiment cycle will last one month and will include the following gatherings and habits:

  • We participate in a monthly gathering where we pray, listen, tell stories, and prepare for the upcoming month’s experiment.
  • We follow a set of habits as a community to help make room in our lives to hear from and follow Jesus where we live, work, and play.
  • We commit to have one conversation a month with others who are practicing the same habits and experiments with us.  These can be people we meet at the New Hope Learning Lab or people we invite to participate with us.  

One meeting.  One experiment.  One conversation.  Every four weeks.

Lab dates and times (all second Sundays):  Feb. 11 at 4pm; March 11 at 4pm; April 8 at 4pm, and May 13 at 4pm.  Meeting in rooms S1 & S2. 

Childcare is available by advanced reservation.

Contact  for more information.