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Advent (2017)

Advent 2017 series.

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This 4-week series takes a look at how Joseph from the Old Testament went from the pit of disappointments to the pinnacle of success, and how God can do the same in your life regardless of how deep the pit you may find yourself in.  

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Sermon series based on Louie Giglio's book called "Relat(able): Making Relationships Work"

I am A Church Member

A new sermon series titled, "I Am a Church Member" featuring an accompanying book by Thom Rainer,  What does church membership mean? How is is different from other forms of "membership" in American society?

Who is God?

Who is God?

He is Knowable.  He is Welcoming.  He is Creative.  He is Forgiving.  He is Honest.  He is Capable.