Current Series

Habits of Grace

Seven Last Words

February 4, we begin our new sermon series, *The Seven Last Words of Jesus,* in which we will reflect on the last phrases that Jesus uttered on the cross and what they mean for our own lives.

Advent: A Season of Preparation (2018)

Advent marks the beginning of a new year on the Christian calendar where we are invited to prepare for the first coming of Jesus Christ- fully human and fully God- as a vulnerable baby not to hide the nature of the Father, but to reveal Him in love.

Grace-Full Life

Sermon series "A Grace-Full Life" that follows a companion book of the same name.

God's grace comes to us in four movements: "Even There, Even Now, Even More, and Even Then;" that is, prevenient grace, justifying grace, sanctifying grace, and glorifying grace. It all about living our God's all-reaching, soul-saving, character-shaping, never-ending love.