Build Hope Campaign

Building Update
October 3, 2018

So Why Is Nothing Happening With the Social Hall? 

Things actually are happening however not on site.  McCullagh & Scott (our Builder) is working through a process with Hillsborough County to get the proper permitting that is taking a bit longer than anticipated.  It is anticipated that the County should have everything needed within 2 weeks and grant the permitting.  The plan is to set the building pad first as site work begins to enable building construction to begin more quickly.  The most positive thing thus far has been getting the old social hall demolished prior to the start of school.

Joe Kuebler – Building Committee Chairman.


Building Committee - Updated Drawings
March 26, 2018

Social Hall and Boys and Girls Club Drawings

Building Committee - Updated Drawings
September 21, 2017 

Building Committee – Master Plan Update, June 2016
June 28, 2016

This month, the building committee unveiled the Master Plan for the church campus, and the implications for our future in being able to make more and better disciples of Jesus Christ. The key church staff and leadership unanimously approved that we move forward with this plan into the next stage. As of this writing, the contractor and architect are working up actual building plans and doing site plan research. Joe Kuebler has been presenting these plans to small groups, Sunday School classes, and others in order to field questions and concerns from the congregation. If you would like him to present to your group, or ask any questions, please contact him at .

The Master Plan was created to project how to best use all the space we have on campus well into the future, in order to make sure we don't limit ourselves by building a building in the “wrong” place.

An artist's rendering of the west (looking from Knights Ave) and south (looking from Parking Lot behind Logan Hall) elevations. 

The basic floor plan for the ground floor. It features a full commercial kitchen, Men's, Women's and Family restrooms, an elevator, and a “resource center” to aid in outreach to the community. The three spaces to the North (left) are flexible spaces with their use to be determined. 

The basic floor plan of the Second Floor. It features shower facilities, bathrooms, and multiple class rooms. Ample storage is provided for on the floor.