Church Leaders


“One Church in Two Languages in Three Locations”

Our Mission: Making More and Better Followers of Jesus Christ

Our Vision: To be Rooted in God’s Word, Renewed by the Holy Spirit, and Reaching out with the love of Jesus to all people 
Our Disciple Making Process: Reach, Connect, Grow, Send

Pastoral Leadership Jamie Westlake, Roberto Chaple, Vicki Harrison


Executive Team: this task team looks at facilities, staffing, and financial issues.

Staff-Parish Relations- Jeff Sheffer, Chair, Bill Gower, Holly Myers

Trustees- Paul Lancaster, Chair, David Woods, James Jacobs

Finance- Cecil Cadwallader, Chair, Carmen Duarte, Dana Vincent, Scott Allred, Pastor Jamie Westlake

Leadership Team: this group has the power and authority to make most major decisions in the life of New Hope.  

Becky Jordan- Chair, Felicidad Betances (Lay Delegate to AC), Jeff Brant, Paul Brooks, Cecil Cadwallader, Roberto Chaple, Charlene Daniels (Pres. of UMW), Vicki Harrison, Wendy Johnson, Joe Kuebler, Paul Lancaster, Don and Karen Marsh (Lay Delegates to AC), Anibal Reyes, Jeff Sheffer, Jamie Westlake, Shelly Wilson, Skip Wilson, Scott Yeo

Operational Team: looks at how we fulfill our mission and ministry to make more and better followers of Jesus Christ through our systems and strategies as we create generative teams through loving, leading, and learning together. This team is also charged with leadership development and makes recommendations to the LT. 

Paul Brooks- Chair, Roberto Chaple, Vicki Harrison, Becky Jordan, Dave Schapiro, Jamie Westlake    

Building Team Chairperson:  Joe Kuebler …Pastor:  Jamie Westlake
Secretary:  Claudia Ingram
Members:  Tim Ashcraft, Charlene Daniels, Peggie Fidler, Wendy Johnson, Paul Lancaster, Stuart Mackey, Chris McCallister, Linda Sheffer, Skip Wilson

Connect & Grow Team: Paton Cadwallader, John Dukes, Shari Gillis, Julie Hamilton, Janice Lancaster, Bill Tone

 Connect Group Leaders provide an environment where close, personal relationships can grow over time. As we care for one another, learn more about God, and serve together, we become more like Christ in our thoughts & actions.

Roger & Ann Bell, Sandy Boston, Paton Cadwallader, Clifford & Gayle Clark, Jay Cornish, Mike Cyr, Charlene Daniels, John Dukes, Bill Dines, Galen Focht, Dennis & Linda Hall, Julie Hamilton, Richard Harrison, Paul Hooper, Wally & Claudia Ingram, Ken Jones, Becky Jordan, Keith Johnson, Wendy Johnson, Ken Jones, Linda Knight, Pam Knox, Melissa Kordewich, Sharon Kuebler, Paul & Janice Lancaster, Don Marsh, Bonnie Mercer, Linda Miles, Steve Mitchell, Willie & Augustine Nobles, Jean O’Dell, John Pitcher, Bobbie Ranalli, Phil Ranalli, Laurine Richardson, Marilyn Roberts, AJ Rodriguez, Kim Seace, Carolyn Shank, Jeff & Linda Sheffer, Vicki Shoun, Mary Strommer,  Karen Stromquist, Bill & Paulette Tone, Andy Ulrich, Denise & Steve Williams, Elvis Wilson, Scott Yeo

Point-people for Various Missions: Family Promise-Chris McCallister and Joyce Heaverin, MOW-Mary Baker, Barbara Brooks, Dominican Republic-Frankie Cross, LifeCare Network– Cindy Lyon, Cuba-Paul Brooks, Food Co-op- Linda Legris-Hall and Shari Gillis, Men's Resource Center- Shannon Jordan, Many Hands-Deb D’errico, Women’s Resource Center-Bev Harbord and Dennis Hall, Celebrate Recovery-Mike Cyr. Orient Park Campus Fresh Expression Dinner Church- Melissa Kordewich, Kitchen Coordinators: Barbara Brooks, Linda Miles

Send TeamKristi Allred, Vicki Harrison, Becky Jordan, Skip Wilson

Communications Team: Paul Brooks, Bill Gower, Linda Knight, Kelly Miller, Mandy New, Eric Ramos, Karen Stromquist, Shelly Wilson

New Hope United Methodist Church Staff:
Patsy Craven, Linda Legris-Hall, Tara Prather

Communications: Mandy New

Dover Campus Hispanic Ministries: Carina Ramos

Director of Hispanic/Latino Worship and Fresh Expressions: Felix Rodriguez

Facilities:Tim Ashcraft, Jacob Ashcraft, Justin Ashcraft, Cameron Figueroa, Christian Figueroa, Freddie Figueroa, Andrew Mohamed, Edwyn Olivia, Mary Ross

Family Ministry: Shelly Wilson

Children’s Ministry: Lynn Bruner, Kendrick Dyer, Katie Franks

Nursery: Quinton Almand, Anne Barkevich, Emma Conner, Bre Jenkins, Emma Klotz, Karen Mears, Kayla Wilson 

New Hope Life Center Staff: AJ Rodriguez, Cody Wilson, Kayla Wilson 

Student Ministry: Chris Temple

Young Adult Ministry: AJ Rodriguez

Worship:Jeff Brant, Daniel Bates, Jaci Evans, Zach Alexander

Technical Arts: Stuart Mackey, Zach Alexander

New Hope Early Learning Center: Wendy Johnson, Director; Charlene Alfonso, Annie Barkevich, Jane Bell, Kelly Dorsett. Michelle Ebner, Mary Mahan, Sarah Phillip, Andrea Pullara, Teena Runnels 

Updated July 1, 2019