Construction Update

 Please note that we will make every attempt to update this page daily.  If you have a specific concern regarding an area on campus please contact the church office at (813) 689-4161. 

Updated July 3, 2018:

  • New AC Sanctuary will be operational Friday.
  • The Social Hall is packed up and waiting on Demolition. The glass store front doors will be removed by Maintenance prior to demo and re purposed hopefully on the Wesley Building Garage area North and South end. 
  • All outside electrical is being terminated to the SH.. Water situation with the Nursery Building is wrapped up. 
  • The Fire Alarm System in Wesley Hall and Logan Hall will now be separate systems. This is mainly due to cabling and each building should be broke down individually
  • Water situation with the Nursery Building is wrapped up.
  • Nursery building has no Internet service. Maintenance is in the process of relocating cabling to the Nursery from Wesley. 
  • The demo permit has been sent to the County and the projected date of Demo will bethe 16th of July. 
  • The path from Moon to Knights will remain in effect until completion of Construction.

Maintenance Schedule for the week of 6/25 through 6/29

  • All kitchen equipment removed and placed in storage POD and will be stored on property at the B&G
  • SH all utilities shutdown, AC removed. Next step before Demo will be to remove glass store front door in hope to reallocated to the Wesley Building Garage
  • Water restored to Wesley and Nursery. Sonar equipment scheduled to trace old lone to disconnect water. Logan Hall no water TFN.
  • Trenching is being for installation of Cabling to supply network service to the Nursery along with Fire Alarm Cabling. Trenching is also starting this week to pull new Fiber from the NH Kids to the Sanctuary. Current cabling needs to be relocated due to location of new SH
  • TFN access from Moon Ave to Knights Ave use the south side of the campus from the Nursery gate and continue alongside Logan Hall. Barricades are in place and we ask that everyone remain out of the area due to debris pile, trenching and unsafe walking conditions.
  • Groups meeting in the Wesley Building need to use the Moon Ave lot. Groups using for Logan Hall and Sanctuary Knights Ave utilize the South Parking lot south of Logan Hall or all other parking off Knights Ave.
  • New AC installation for the east end of Sanctuary will be completed by Friday.
  • The Sanctuary east stairwell exit and east double doors are temporarily closed not available for use. The South exit from the choir room is also closed.

Updated Friday, June 22 2018

  • Logan Hall and the Nursery have no water.
  • Water Restored in the WB
  • Social Hall Closed
  • Access has been closed off permanently near the ladies restroom SH.
  • Wesley Bldg access no change from Moon Ave 
  • To get from Moon Ave to Logan Hall (LH) and the Sanctuary use the south walkway south side of Nursery from Moon Ave to Knights. This week you can walk behind LH. Next week the entire sidewalk behind Logan Hall will be closed permanently only the south walkway south side of the Nursery and Logan Hall will be the only access to Knights Ave.
  • Sanctuary sidewalk south side and southeast end closed off TFN for trenching and AC installation next week. The east choir room door and east hallway double doors are closed off as well. 
  • The east stairwell exit to the outside is closed due to a 4 ft drop off for cable and AC runs.