Check out the progress on the new Children's building

    09.23.17 | Ministry Updates by Shelly Wilson

    Check out the progress our facilities department has made in the new children's building.  We are so excited to move into the building and know our families will be too!

    Stay tuned for ore updates as they happen!

    The new INDOOR Welcome Area is starting to come together. Notice the ORANGE - remember the LOVE of the Home (RED) and the LIGHT of the Church (YELLOW) make ORANGE!!

    Very soon this is where the IMAGINE KIDS (nursery and Toddlers and the 2 year olds) will gather.

    Another view of the Imagine Kids Area. A new Built in changing station with Sink. and a different view of the Welcome Area.

    Justin Ashcraft is hard at work with molding in the hallway by the Wonder Kids (Preschool) area.

    Freddie is working hard on the Wonder Kids (3s, 4s and Kindergarten) area. Almost time to start painting!

    Jacob Ashcraft isn't in the dark...he is installing new, efficient, energy-saving lighting for the kids in one of the Club 56 Rooms.

    We now have a FAMILY RESTROOM located just inside the Welcome Area. Complete with a changing table and it's handicap accessible.